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Let’s do something…creative.

Welcome to Friday!!! TOMORROW IS THE WEEKEND!!! I’m plugging away on your 6 word memoir video – it’s almost done! I just need to do the finishing touches and we’ll watch it next week 🙂 Today, though, we’re going to start a project that I think should be rather fun. It’s a creative writing assignment,

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Computer Lab Tuesday!

Welcome back to the lab, everyone!! Just a couple reminders: Your essay is due TODAY!!!!! Your Oedipus unit test is THURSDAY!!!! Your FINAL EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK!!!! Now, get to your essay, and enjoy this picture of a flowerpot:

I had a big weekend, so I kinda forgot to blog.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Anyway, we’re in the computer lab today, and I want you guys to get as much done on the suffering essay you brainstormed for on Friday as you can get done today. Remember, if you’re able to turn the essay in to me today, I’ll give you ten points extra credit

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It’s FRIDAY! And I’m Not Here!

Welcome to Friday! Tomororw it’s THE WEEKEND!!! Standard: W.9-10.1. Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence; Introduce precise claim(s), distinguish the claim(s) from alternate or opposing claims, and create an organization that establishes clear relationships among claim(s), counterclaims, reasons, and evidence. Learning

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The Thursday Complex

Standard: RI.9-10.5. Analyze in detail how an author’s ideas or claims are developed and refined by particular sentences, paragraphs, or larger portions of a text (e.g., a section or chapter). Learning Target: Students will read an article about the Oedipal complex and complete a margin-marking activity, then begin brainstorming for their persuasive essay. Activator: The

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