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American Lit: The Crucible, End of Act II

Standard: ELA.11-12.RL.1. Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain. Learning Target: I can cite evidence to answer text-dependent questions. Opening Session: The Crucible movie trailer! Work Session: Let’s finish reading Act II! Turn in your books

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American Lit: The Crucible, Act I part I

Standard: ELAGSE11-12RL3 Analyze the impact of the author’s choices regarding how to develop and relate elements of a story or drama (e.g., where a story is set, how the action is ordered, how the characters are introduced and developed). Learning Target: I can analyze a dramatic text to determine appropriate tone and inflection to convey meaning. Opening

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The Prime Monday

Welcome to Monday and welcome to our NEW UNIT!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m pretty excited about this one, guys  I’m calling it The Prime Directive  Let’s start out with a little background, shall we? Standard: RL.9-10.6. Analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience reflected in a work of literature from outside the United States, drawing on

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Flood Myth Friday

Standard: W.9-10.3. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences. Engage and orient the reader by setting out a problem, situation, or observation, establishing one or multiple point(s) of view, and introducing a narrator and/or characters; create a smooth progression of experiences or events.

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Computer Lab Friday

Standard: ELA10W3 The student uses research and technology to support writing. Learning Target: Students will complete and turn in their Julius Caesar essay. Activator: The Hunger Games official theatrical trailer! Because…. THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE COMES OUT TODAY!!! YAAAAY! This is so awesome! I know you guys have all been waiting your ENTIRE LIVES for

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