World Lit: Perspectives on Heritage, Day 4

Standard: ELAGSE9-10RI3 Analyze how the author unfolds an analysis or series of ideas or events, including the order in which the points are made, how they are introduced and developed, and the connections that are drawn between them.

Learning Target: I can compare and contrast characters in a nonfiction text and draw conclusions about individuals’ responses to culture.

Opening Session: Breathtakingly Beautiful Places in India

Work Session: Today you guys are going to read “Two Ways to Belong In America” by Bharati Mukherjee. I say “you guys” and not “we” because you’re actually going to read this one on your own! You’ll read the entire selection, then as you finish, you can work on the Second Read questions until all your classmates are done.

After you all read, we’re going to do the outline together on page 93. You don’t have to actually write the essay, but you are going to do the outline portion. When we did our last embedded assessment, a lot of you guys struggled with prewriting, and how to actually get started on writing. Hopefully this will give you some techniques to get your thoughts organized so that starting that paper is easier!

Because, by the way, don’t forget, you write Embedded Assessment 2 next week!

Closing Session: Vocab Review for your QUIZ TOMORROW!!

Assessment: Informal – second read questions, outlining

Differentiation: Process (scaffolding, graphic organizers)

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