World Lit: A Special Presentation!

Good morning! Today we’re heading downstairs to Mrs. Heard’s classroom to hear a special presentation from some of her senior Multicultural Lit students! These girls are part of the Ibo culture we read about in Things Fall Apart and are going to present their perspective on the culture to you.

Standard: ELAGSE9-10SL3 Evaluate and/or reflect on a speaker’s point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric, identifying any fallacious reasoning or exaggerated or distorted evidence.

Learning Target: I can listen to a presentation on the Ibo culture to expand my understanding of that culture.

Opening Session: Think of a question that you have about the culture. As you listen to the presentation, consider if your question is addressed, and if not, consider asking it at the end.

Work Session: Let’s head down to Mrs. Heard’s classroom!

Closing Session: Thank the presenters!


  1. emergence
  2. realization
  3. dispossession
  4. resonance
  5. severed
  6. incorporated
  7. initiated
  8. lurid
  9. justify
  10. lobby

Assessment: Informal (observation)

Differentiation: Learning Style (visual, auditory)


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