Learning Target: I will work with a partner or individually to create a hero and hero’s journey of my own devising, using various media formats of my own choice.

Opening Session: Another example of a hero that might inspire you 

Work Session: We will be continuing our hero projects from Tuesday! Get with your partner and get to it!

-You may present your hero’s journey story in any of the following formats:
-A short story (500 word minimum)
-A comic – 8 FULL COLOR, hand-drawn panels.
-Compose an “epic” poem about your hero – 40 lines minimum and must have a rhyme scheme. Use Microsoft Word to write.
-Record a song or rap telling your hero’s story – 2 verses and a chorus minimum.

Today, I would like for you to continue to work on your hero project. You do not need to turn in a final product today, but I will be checking you off to make sure you’ve been working and not slacking!

Closing Session: Check-off of current work; Book talk – Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

Assessment: Final product

Differentiation: Students have choices in their partners or to work alone (process), students may work in various media formats to create their final product.

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