Double Bubble Friday Trouble!


  • RL.9-10.1. Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.

Learning Target: Students will begin working on their bubble-map art project in their groups.

Activator: The Beatles – Revolution

Today you’re going to be working on our art project for this unit! You will be working with your group, and we’re making a bubble map about your persuasive essay topic. Here’s the skinny:

  •  In the center of your bubble map, write your persuasuve essay topic. Make sure you include what side you’re on.
  • In each of the bubbles around your center, write one of the arguments for your side. For example, let’s say your topic is gun control, and you decide all guns should be banned. Your center bubble might say “All guns should be banned” and your outer bubbles might say “10,000 people die to guns in the US every year” or “Countries that ban guns have a very low incidence of death-by-gun.”
  • Beside each outer bubble, write a quote from one of your two articles or from The House of the Scorpion that backs up your argument. For example, if you write about the number of people that die every year, you might put a quote from an article that gives that statistic. Don’t forget your parenthetical citation.
  • You should use 5 bubbles. You may have a maximum of two quotes from each article or The House of the Scorpion.
  • When you finish, you’re going to put your bubble map onto wallpaper! I’ll show you examples of this in class, but it looks REALLY cool!!

On Monday, we’re going to be writing our first draft of our individual argumentative essays. On Tuesday we’re in the lab to type. Wednesday is test review, and after our Jeopardy! Game, you’ll have time to finish putting your bubble maps onto wallpaper. Enjoy! They look super cool when they’re done!!

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