Don’t Mock Me For Being Thursday!

This is the only day this week where we’re really gonna have a lot to get through, so I really appreciate you guys buckling down and working your butts off!

Standard: ELA10W2, Subheading 3: The student produces persuasive writing that structures ideas and arguments in a sustained and logical fashion

Learning Target: Students will read a selection from the textbook about King Arthur, and begin writing their own parody or satire.

Activator: Daily video!

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

This is our last selection from the books, and it’s a more modern story, written by Mark Twain. It’s called “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.” We read chapter 5, using the partner-pause-card strategy we worked with at the beginning of the semester :)

After reading Chapter 5 (I think that’s enough reading for today, don’t you?) we sat down to work on our own parody writing! Today we’ll be brainstorming ideas, but we may also have time to get started on writing. Here’s the skinny:

  • You’re going to write a short story (minimum 2 paragraphs, maximum 2 pages, unless you’re Breyonna, who writes the size of Texas)
  • This story should star a modern character – someone from Osborne High School, perhaps!
  • This character should travel back in time to Camelot, in King Arthur’s court!
    • What to the Knights of the Round Table think of an OHS student?
    • What does a typical OHS student think of the knights?
    • How to they interact with each other?
  • Remember, a parody is supposed to imitate another author’s style, so when we imitate Mark Twain’s plot, we’re making a parody of his work. If you want to take this into the realm of satire, you should be making some kind of criticism, either of Camelot, or of OHS.

…Sound like a lot? Well don’t freak out, because today is just brainstorming! We’ll write more on Monday 🙂 So we’ll go over brainstorming strategies today, pick our favorite, and roll with it!

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